Western Central Pennsylvania

Home to a tranquil setting of colorful Huacaya Alpacas


We are a small developing alpaca farm in central western Pennsylvania located on the rolling hills of the Allegheny plateau about 16 miles south of Clarion exit on interstate 80 just outside the small town of Rimersburg.
Fiddler Alpacas is less than an hour north of Pittsburgh and about the same distance from the Ohio border.

Kim and I became interested in alpacas back in 2009 when we were thinking of getting some livestock to put in an old barn on a farm along Fiddler Creek. I worked in the deep mines among other coal industry related jobs most of my life. Now, I was looking for something to keep me physically active, mentally occupied and entertained. While Kim continues to work at the local high school we both together enjoy tending to the alpacas. Years ago my mother and I bottle fed calves raising them along with other cattle on the family farm. Another project was to raise a few duroc feeder pigs which became an additional interesting experience...... But, ALPACAS how different, how interesting  these curious, timid, intelligent and beautiful creatures are and so much more enjoyable than your traditional farm animal.
We surfed the internet, visited the library and then took trips to a few alpaca farms.. We both knew after visiting the alpaca farms we were sold on raising some alpacas. The spring of 2010 we bought three bred females,  a black, a fawn and a white. We kept the name from Fiddler Crick decided to build a new barn on Jacks  Mountain road and our alpaca adventure was off and running.Today we have five females and three young males on our way to a short term goal of a twenty member herd. Our alpaca passion includes breeding to better improve their quality with each generation.